After Sales Revenue Platform
for Industrial OEMs

Build POWERFUL & PROACTIVE Aftermarket Offerings with KpiX

Proactively discover, market, and sell parts & services to your Installed Base.

Increase after-sales revenue by 30% using our tools and technologies that empower your people and processes.

Powering Installed Base of 5000+ Equipments Across the Customers

Enabling OEMs to Win After Sales Market

KpiX – a cutting-edge installed base selling and management solution designed exclusively to realize OEMs’ true aftermarket potential.

Escape Messy Data, Gain Clarity

A Powerful View on Your Installed Base

KpiX provides a superior sense of your deployed assets. It eliminates problems faced using Excel & ERP data like messy data, overwhelming information, etc.

  • Clear insights for effective asset management
  • Visualize data for strategic decisions
  • Real-time monitoring for proactive action
  • Ensure accurate data for better decisions
  • Customize dashboards to suit needs

Accelerate Sales with Opportunity Automation

Automate Aftermarket Opportunity Mining

Get rid of charts, pivot tables, filters; KpiX’s service configurator allows you to create opportunity rules once and automatically applies them to relevant equipment, you focus on closing the deals.

  • Smart rules for opportunity identification
  • Automate rules and focus on closing
  • Instant alerts drive swift action.
  • Data-driven strategy for growth
  • Learn from history and refine rules

Laser-focused Leads, Higher Conversion

Build Targeted After-Market List

Don’t get lost in your extensive installed base to find aftermarket opportunities. KpiX automatically generates a targeted list based on defined opportunity rules and enables you to act on them.

  • Segment lists, target effectively
  • Prioritize data-backed opportunities
  • Act quickly on refined prospects
  • Optimize resources with precision
  • Continuously improve targeting accuracy

Boost Productivity, Deliver Results

Enable Your Aftermarket Team

The aftermarket team heavily relies on relevant information to get the job done. Enable all the stakeholders to get all the information they needed to deliver productivity and profitability.

  • Central hub for unified information
  • Customize access, control visibility
  • Monitor and improve team performance
  • Collaborate seamlessly, boost efficiency
  • Enhance service with historical insights

Extend Power, Enhance Experience

Empower Your Service Network

A strong aftermarket business needs a strong service network team to deliver the customer experience. Extend the power of KpiX to your dealer and distributor network with keeping control in your hand!

  • Extend KpiX, and maintain control
  • Provide insights for improved service
  • Foster collaboration and shared data
  • Keep partners updated, with real-time info
  • Monitor network performance to offer support

With KpiX, one of the India’s largest Compressor OEM

Increased After Sales Revenues by 20%

Versus tradition aftermarket revenue operations


Reduced Manual Efforts


Increased Aftermarket Revenue

70+ Hrs

Saved Every Months

IoTification Powered By Our Connected Asset Platform
KpiX Core

IoT-enabled Parts & Service Revenue

KpiX Coreis designed to help companies accelerate the development and deployment of their cloud-based connected platforms and applications. A platform developed with a range of resources and support to help you quickly and effectively build, test, and launch your cloud platforms.It enables you for:

  • Robust, responsive, and analytically-driven service parts planning​
  • Reduce Intermittent and Lumpy demand signals 
  • Intelligence to manage and provide just-in-time parts supply
  • Analytics to manage vendor network, distribution, and storage​​

Build Powerful and Proactive Aftermarket Strategy.​
And Execute Them