KpiX helped a Transformer OEM to Launch its Smart Compact Substation

Condition-based monitoring enabled 30% cost reduction in site visit maintenance and 1.5% improvement in machine uptime

The OEM is an India-based power transformer and compact substations manufacturer. While the manufacturing is mostly in India, their customer base is spread across the globe.

It owns a significant market share in the packaged substation for malls and theatres.

These compact substations, located in multiple parts of the world, are typically installed in highly populated areas. It is critical to monitor parameters such as voltage level, current supply, oil temperature, winding temperature, and door open-close status.

Due to the limitation of SCADA systems, these parameters are monitored only at the substation level. There is no real-time or near real-time visibility of health data for remote compact substations.

KpiX customer base
Industry leaders use KpiX for Asset Management Operations

Challenge in brief

The OEM had installed all the required sensors and an energy meter for local monitoring of parameters. However, the OEM was not able to check the health conditions remotely and had to deploy a service engineer to visit the site on a regular basis.

Solution in brief

With our solution KpiX – The Connected Asset Cloud, the customer now has real-time visibility over health data for their assets installed across multiple geographies.

They can access health data using the web and mobile applications. Additionally, they can extend application access to their own customer resulting in customer delight.

collected health parameters

Learn about the detailed solution of how we enabled legacy systems based on energy meter integrated with MODBUS RTU communication protocol to work with modern sensors and IoT gateway to get a holistic view of compact substation operations.

Parameters being monitored on a real-time basis

  • Energy parameters
    • Voltage level
    • Current supply
    • Power factor (PF)
    • Active power
    • Reactive power
  • Oil parameters
    • Oil temperature
    • Oil level
  • Winding temperature
  • Door open/close status
  • Relay trip status

Business Impact

  • With the help of remote monitoring, the OEM slashed physical site visits by 30% in 6 months, saving personnel cost incurred due to engineer visits.
  • Increased overall machine uptime by 1.5%, across geography.
  • With the data-driven approach, the OEM client was able to strategize asset maintenance better by transitioning to condition-based maintenance from the planned maintenance approach.
  • The client was able to position itself better with smart compact substation offerings, which enables its end-customer to access real-time equipment health data, delivering assurance for safety critical environment.

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