Cooling Tower MonitoringYour custom cooling tower monitoring platform, ready to white label.

Sensor &

KEMSYS has been delivering a comprehensive, secure, and reliable remote cooling tower monitoring system, allowing end-users to monitor, manage and, analyze gathered data from convenient remote locations.

Our remote cooling tower monitoring system is economical, scalable, and easy to deploy within an industrial setup. It’s capable to support all the combinations of cooling towers with and without control systems (including PLC/SCADA/DCS) across key industry verticals including Chemical & Pharma, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Metal & Mining, Cement, etc.

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Customizable software according to your requirements

Without right monitoring and the real-time analysis, end-user can compromise overall cooling tower performance and might lead to unplanned failure. Use our out of box extendable Digital Reliability and Performance Management Solution KPIs:

Vibration on Cooling Fan

Monitoring vibration data of cooling fan and detecting any anamolies

Water Temperature Monitoring

Get the real-time temperature data of water and analyze system health

Differential Pressure of Air

Measure and monitor differential air pressure in real-time for healthy usage

Liquid Pressure

Identify liquid pressure parameters and keeping a tab on condition

Health Analysis

Analyzing different key indicators and mapping overall system health

Alert Management

Real-time alerts for critical anomalies and machine health hazards

Maximize the Cooling Tower Output & Stability

Condition Monitoring

Integrated sensor to the cloud system to perform real-time processing of critical parameters for assessing the current health and predicting the future health of your cooling tower.

Alert & Notifications

Get all critical alarms/alerts and notification in real-time and take remote actions

Remote Diagnostic

With real-time monitoring of telemetry, event and alarm history, our remote diagnostic application can help keep your system running

Remote Configuration

Online utility to remotely update cooling tower configuration and firmware minimizing manual reconfiguration effort

Predictive Maintenance

Field-proven predictive maintenance models for cooling tower operations covering asset health index, failure & alarm prediction, early warning system & recommendations

Operation Visualization & OEE

Intuitive dashboard to give holistic cooling tower operation health information and OEE reporting all in one place

Our Platform. Your Solution.


Industrial grade wired & wireless precise sensors customized to retrofit with difficultly placed cooling tower

Management Platform

Ready-to-Use IoT Remote device management platform helping to Manage, Monitor & Control industrial assets

Acquisition System

Rugged IoT Gateway with expandable digital, analog, PLC IOs and integrated software

ML Models &
KPI Dashboard

Mature Predictive Maintenance ML model and ready to use OEE and operation KPIs dashboard

White label your customized cooling tower monitoring solution!